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Alloy wheels on a wall display stand

Your experts in alloy wheel refurbishment

Restore the look of your alloys - or try a new colour - with ENC Industrial Services. We serve all across the UK, so get in touch.

Don't let stone chips or kerb rash ruin your day

Whether your wheels have got too close to the kerb, were bought pre-used, or simply need a little TLC, the team at ENC Industrial Services is here to help. From single alloy wheels to full sets, our team can restore the look of your old wheels, and give them a new lease of life.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and the quality of our work. When we refurbish your alloy wheels, we follow a meticulous programme that restores your wheels to showroom condition.

We have control of all aspects of the process and all the steps are completed in-house, allowing us to provide a full, timely and competitively priced restoration.

Black Rims

In-house wheel repairs

 The process starts with our full refurbishment process, where we remove the tyre and completely remove the existing coating with a chemical strip.

Any corrosion present is then removed by fine sand blasting, which also prepares the surface for the powder coating phase. Any kerb damage to the wheel is then repaired by aluminium filler and dressing.

Full Frame Shot Of Multi Coloured wheel hubs

Factory and bold options available

We use powder coating to restore the look and appearance of wheels. You can choose from a range of subtle colours - such as silver or black - if you're after a factory fresh look.

If you're feeling bold, we can also coat your wheels in a range of other colours, helping your car or van stand out on the road.

Alloy  Wheels

Enjoy fully balanced wheels

Once the powder coating is completed we then remount the tyre and balance the wheel before refitting them to your car. This is done to minimise any vibration in the wheels, giving you greater control on the road.

For expert alloy wheel refurbishment services, call us on 01909 567860.

We're ready to bring out the best in your car's alloy wheels: speak to our Sheffield-based experts.

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