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Local specialists in shot blasting and industrial coatings

At ENC Industrial Services, we are fully equipped to clean, prepare and paint a wide range of components and structures. Speak to our Sheffield-based team today to arrange a quote.

What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is an effective way to remove old paint, rust, and loose materials from components, in preparation for priming, painting or further treatments.

A 'shot' material - such as sand, glass or tiny metal particles - is fired at the component, and the abrasive effect of the shot removes any paint and loose surface material, leaving you with a spotless product with no contaminants or leftover paint. This cleans the product, but is gentle enough to not damage it.

Our Sheffield-based team is able to take on a wide range of projects, and have worked with private and commercial customers from across the UK.

Worker with handful of steel shot in steel foundry

We can shoot blast:

  • Steel components

  • Aluminium

  • Titanium

  • Iron

  • Alloy wheels

  • Plant equipment components

And so much more. Speak to our team to see if we can take on your project. We're happy to take on both one-off projects and long-term contracted services.

Operator working at a sandblasting machine

We can also apply protective coatings

Prevent corrosion and enhance the lifespan of components with our specialised coating services. We can treat your material or components with a range of specialist paints, coatings and solutions, including thermal sprays, anti-slip coatings, and paints suitable for marine applications.

For a competitive quote, contact our Sheffield-based team now on 01909 567860.

Trust us to handle all of your shot blasting needs.

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